Heart & Vascular Centre

Whether you come to our Cardiac Centre of Excellence for urgent treatment or a consultation, be reassured that you are being cared for in Ireland's leading centre for cardiac care.

Cardiovascular Centre of Excellence

Your care is handled by a multi-disciplinary team of world class experts and specialists covering the full spectrum of cardiac conditions. They offer diagnosis and treatment of Ischaemic Heart Disease, Cardiac Rhythm Disorders, Valvular Disease and Vascular Disorders.

Our team of consultants also offer a high degree of sub-specialisation expertise to treat the widest range of heart problems. This ensures patients receive the most up-to-date and widest range of diagnostic and therapeutic options, individually tailored to their specific needs .

Our team treat their patients in an integrated, collaborative manner, with the back up of a full service hospital including diagnostics, treatment, and ICU. This ability to deliver comprehensive, best practice care is why over 20,000 patients have come to us for treatment in the past 12 months, including 3,000 transferred from other hospitals.

Urgent Cardiac Care 24/7

We offer Ireland’s only private 24/7 service for patients experiencing urgent cardiac symptoms. If you, or someone you know experiences Chest Pain, Palpitations or Breathlessness, we are here to take care of you.

Call 1800 247 999 to speak to one of our Cardiac Nurse Specialists.

Pulse Check

Your heart beats on average 60-100 beats per minute.

Many things such as exercise, anxiety and even caffeine can cause your pulse to change, creating a feeling of a flutter or palpitations in your chest.

A simple pulse check can be a way of identifying if your heart is beating in a slightly irregular pattern.  This can indicate a more serious condition such as Atrial Fibrillation, a condition of which more than 40,000 people in Ireland currently suffer from.

To find out more about how to check your pulse, check out our Pulse Check page for further information.



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