Voice of the Patient


We are aware that attending a hospital appointment can be a challenging and anxious time for you. Your wellbeing and satisfaction is our primary concern, and we want to help you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.  

We constantly do our best to ensure your experience with us is a positive one. 

To help us do this, we have introduced our Voice of the Patient programme to understand more about your experience of being treated at Mater Private Network. 

Your feedback and insights will help us to understand and prioritise the most important things we should do to improve our services for patients.  

How can you participate in the Voice of the Patient programme? 

We have partnered with RED C, a highly reputable and well-known independent research organisation. RED C is provided only with phone numbers to ensure your feedback is anonymous and confidential. We want you to be completely open and honest- your feedback can never be identified by anyone involved in your care at Mater Private Network.  

Patients are selected anonymously to take part and it is normally within two weeks of being treated at Mater Private Network. Not all patients will receive the invitation to give feedback in this way, but you are still welcome to share your insights and tell us about your experience, if you wish to do so. 

Please be assured that we value all feedback and we are committed to listening to our patients. We will work hard to improve your experience.  

  Voice of the Patient - Brochure (pdf) | 296KB

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