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Spine Care, Mater Private Network, St. Raphael's House, 81-84 Upper Dorset Street,
Dublin 1, D01 KX02
1800 38 52 85 Outside ROI +353 (0)1 882 2617 orthospine@materprivate.ie

Please note that a referral letter is required before an appointment can be confirmed.

Spine Care, Mater Private Network, Citygate, Mahon,
Cork, T12 K199
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Please note that a referral letter is required before an appointment can be confirmed.

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About spine care

Mater Private Network’s spine care in Dublin and Cork strives to provide the highest quality care and outcomes for all of our patients. Several of our spinal services are also offered in our Day Hospitals in Cherrywood, South Dublin and Northern Cross, North Dublin.

Our team of spinal consultants work closely with their colleagues in radiology and physiotherapy to provide co-ordinated diagnosis, treatments and interventions that are tailored to meet the needs of patients of all ages and all degrees of medical complexity, from cancers to degenerative diseases to ICU.

Mater Private Network is unique in Ireland in offering robotic-assisted fusion surgery which enables our spinal surgeons to undertake complex minimally invasive surgical procedures, resulting in shorter operation times and faster recovery for our patients.  

As a full-service hospital there is access to a range of medical back-up facilities including a critical care unit and cardiology services, making it one of the safest hospitals for patients undergoing major operations.

Our experienced, world-class team includes:

  • Consultant specialists in spinal, neurospine, rheumatology and pain management
  • Radiologists with sub-specialist training in musculoskeletal imaging and minimally invasive spinal intervention     
  • Full service physiotherapy department offering tailored rehabilitative physiotherapy services
  • Diagnostic imaging, expert assessment and consultation, and treatment planning and initiation are available in our day hospitals
  • A holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to your care

Your spine is a column of solid bony blocks called vertebrae and is the central pathway for the spinal cord. It is reinforced by strong ligaments and surrounded by large powerful muscles to protect and move it. Between the vertebrae, there are discs which also give the spine flexibility.

Discs are round pads of tough spongy tissue that are firmly attached above and below the bone. The lumbar or lower spine allows mostly forward and backward bending movement.

  •  Adult degenerative spine 
  •  Herniated discs
  •  Kyphosis
  •  Nerve pain
  •  Sciatica 
  •  Scoliosis
  •  Spinal deformity
  •  Spinal stenosis
  •  Spinal trauma
  •  Spine tumour 

In addition, a spinal neurosurgeon can also treat spinal fractures, infections and complex abnormalities of the cervical spine such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Our services

Artificial disc replacement is a procedure whereby worn or damaged disc material between the vertebrae in the spine is removed and replaced with an artificial disk. The procedure aims to address degenerative disc disease, relieving back pain while allowing more normal motion to continue than is the case with some other procedures.

Uniquely, our musculoskeletal physiotherapists operate within a multidisciplinary team ensuring immediate access to additional review and opinion if required. Our care is tailored to your needs – whether immediate, short-term treatment for a one-off issue, long-term support to improve your mobility, or an integrated care plan to help you prepare for, and recover from, surgery.

Spinal deformity correction surgery aims to control and correct the effects of spinal conditions such as scoliosis (sideways curving of the spine) and kyphosis (forward curving of the spine) and to improve your spinal balance. 

Dynamic or flexible stabilisation of the lumbar spine uses a device attached to a flexible rod to allow the spine to be stabilised while also retaining a level of mobility. It can reduce the load on the spine's joints (facets) and disc space, which may reduce pain.

Revision surgery is a procedure that takes place on a patient who has already undergone some form of spine surgery. If a patient reports persistent, recurrent, or new chronic pain symptoms following a previous procedure, revision spinal surgery may be required.

Spinal tumour surgery is usually performed to reduce pain caused by the spinal tumour, restore or maintain neurologic function, and to provide spinal stability.

Targeted injection therapy is used to help to reduce inflammation and pain caused when one of your nerve ends near your spinal cord become irritated or inflamed, and the pain persists, is severe or has not improved with any other treatment. The main injection therapies are nerve root block, caudal epidural injection, facet joint injection/facet block, and sacroiliac joint injections.

This procedure uses an ultrasonic bone scalpel (UBS) to cut the bone during minimally invasive surgeries. The UBS does not harm the surrounding muscle and soft tissue, leading to less post-surgery pain, a shorter hospital stay and a quicker recovery for patients.

A transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) is a surgical technique that is used to correct a range of conditions such as disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, and spondylolisthesis.

The purpose of the procedure is to stabilize the vertebra to prevent dangerous movement between the bones. When the discs or pads between the vertebra are bulging or deteriorating, the spine is unstable and back and leg pain often can occur.

Fusion surgeries create a solid bone between neighbouring vertebra and eliminate abnormal movement between them. A transforaminal interbody lumbar fusion (TILF) is a surgical procedure that uses a bone graft to permanently fuse some of the vertebrae, eliminating abnormal movement and improving stability.

This service is currently available only in our Dublin hospital.

What to expect if you're having spinal surgery

There are a number of things you can do to prepare yourself for spinal surgery. 

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What to expect if you're having spinal surgery

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