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If you do not have private health insurance and require a surgical procedure, you may like to learn more about the Self-Pay options available to you at Mater Private Network.


All surgical procedures at Mater Private Network are accessible to patients who wish to avail of these services on a self-paying basis. Options are available which may be of interest to:  

  • Patients who do not currently have any private health insurance.  
  • Patients who wish to access specialist care not available in another treatment facility they are attending. 
  • Patients who are worried about being on extended waiting lists for procedures. 

Our Self-Pay service is patient-focused from beginning to end. It is designed with our patients' needs in mind, to provide a streamlined patient experience that is as easy and comfortable as possible. 

If you’re interested in finding out more, the first step is to get in touch with our dedicated Self-Pay Support Team by phone or email. Everything you need to know will be explained in detail, and you will be supported every step of the way. This team is led by Charlotte King, who is the primary point of contact for all patients wishing to avail of care at Mater Private through the self-paying route. 

Our Services

Charlotte can be reached directly on 01 793 4741 or email

Mater Private Network has expert consultant surgeons who can provide the care that you need across a range of specialties, including Orthopaedics, Spine, Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Urology, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Cancer Services

Our surgical and procedure packages are tailored to the individual needs of each patient, and Charlotte will provide you with a written quotation within 48 hours of receiving your enquiry. Your quote will include costs for your surgery/procedure, anaesthetist, surgeon's fees and hospital stay (if applicable). Consultation fees and diagnostic testing costs will be quoted separately. Surgery/ procedures can be carried out at our hospitals in either Dublin on Cork, with quotes available for both locations, depending on the type of treatment you need. 

Charlotte will help to fast-track your appointments and prioritise your surgery/ procedure, so that you are seen, treated, and ready to return home as quickly as possible. 

If you’re not sure about which type of surgery/ procedure best meets your needs, Charlotte will liaise with the clinical team and consultants to advise you about the best options for you.   

All of our surgical and procedure packages, from day-case procedures such as cataract surgery and endoscopies, to complex heart, orthopaedic or spinal surgery, come with a 28-day post-operation guarantee. This means that the costs are covered as part of your original package, if you need to be readmitted for a clinical reason or have follow-up treatment within 28 days*. This offers you the reassurance of a “safety net”, should you need it.   

*Terms and conditions apply 

You may be able to claim back some medical costs incurred by completing a MED1 form. Further information is available on the Revenue website.

Terms & Conditions: Readmission for an extended inpatient hospital stay (up to 28 days post-procedure) will be covered for clinical reasons only, and for procedures related to the original or referred surgery. Treatment for other conditions or unrelated procedures are not included.  Extended inpatient hospital stays due to patient preference or for non-clinical reasons are not included. 


Our hospitals in Dublin and Cork are easily accessible by car and public transport. 

  • Mater Private Network in Dublin is located in the heart of Dublin city centre and can be reached via car, bus and Connolly train station. Further information is available here. 
  • Mater Private Network in Cork is located 6km from the city centre at Citygate, Mahon and can be reached by car via the M8 motorway and from Kent train station. Further information is available here

To find out more about accessing treatment at Mater Private Network through the self-paying route, please contact Charlotte directly on 01 793 4741.

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We value your privacy. If you want to know more, you can read our full Privacy Policy*

* Please click here and read our Privacy Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact Charlotte from our dedicated Self-Pay support team on 01 793 4741 or by email

  • You will receive contact within 48 hours of your first contact with Mater Private Network. 
  • We will send you an information pack with a formal quotation (price) for the required procedure. 
  • Once your GP referral letter has been received, we will ensure you are referred to the most suitable consultant for your condition. 
  • An appointment will be offered to you by the consultant’s secretary. Our support team will follow up with you directly if you need an urgent appointment. 
  • Appointments for a cardiology or orthopaedics consultation are generally available within three to five working days, and all other specialties within two weeks. 
  • If you need advice about travel arrangements or hotel accommodation, this can be provided.  We have secured discounted rates at nearby hotels, should you require a short stay in advance of your procedure (and/or anyone accompanying you).
  • Mater Private Network in Dublin is a high-tech hospital with access to the emergency department, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and cardiac care on campus. This offers you the reassurance of a comprehensive full hospital service because we have the expertise on-site to handle wider and complex medical needs if required. This makes it one of the safest hospitals for patients undergoing major operations. 
  • Mater Private Network in Cork is a modern hospital with guaranteed private rooms for all patients. Our hospital in Cork has emergency department and cardiac care teams on campus, should this support be required. Depending on the treatment needed, costs may be lower at Mater Private Cork. 
  • Mater Private Network is recognised as offering some of the most technologically advanced treatment options in Ireland. We are clinical leaders in robotic-assisted procedures and minimally invasive surgery. This can help reduce any side-effects and speed up your recovery and discharge from hospital. 
  • Our dedicated support team is on hand to streamline the process and support you throughout your experience with Mater Private Network. 
  • We have a team of over 300 leading consultants who bring their patients from all over Ireland to our facilities, with the highest confidence in the standard of care we offer. 
  • Mater Private Network hospitals are Joint Commission International (JCI) recognised – this is an international quality standard, promoting rigorous standards of patient safety and quality of care. 

If post-operative complications arise, please attend your local GP in first instance. 

If you need to be re-admitted to Mater Private, you will be contacted by the consultant secretary or our Self-Pay support team. Re-admission cover is provided for 28 days post procedure date*. Please note that an admission appointment can be made via the emergency department at Mater Private Network. 

Payment is required no later than seven days prior to your procedure, and can be made in any of the following ways – see below for full details: 

Please note: to pay by bank transfer, via our online bill payment facility or the MyMaterPrivate app, you will need to reference your “Medical Reference Number” (MRN). This can be given to you by your consultant’s secretary, the central bookings office, or it will be in the letter confirming the date of your procedure.  


1. To pay by bank transfer, please use the following details:  

Bank:  Allied Irish Banks, 140 Lower Drumcondra Road, Dublin 9  

Account Number: 34787009  

Sort Code: 93 22 05  

Account Name: Mater Private Hospital Ltd. No. 1 Current Account  


IBAN: IE87 AIBK 9322 0534 7870 09  

Please ensure that your Medical Reference Number (MRN) is referenced on your transaction for identification purposes. 


2. To pay by debit or credit card, please telephone 01 882 2649  


3. To pay via our online Bill Payment facility, please click here

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