Insurance for Medical Scans & Tests

At Mater Private Network our medical scans and tests are covered by all insurance providers although the level covered can vary. This depends on a number of factors – including your insurance plan, your insurer, your location, your referrer and in some cases, the type of illness you have or the type of treatment you need. there is insurance cover across all the providers for medical scans and tests.  The level of cover varies by plan, by insurer, by location, by referrer, and in some cases, by type of illness or planned treatment.  We know that this can be confusing, so Mater Private Network has a number of insurance cover advisers available to help you understand your policy and your level of cover.

Insurance Cover Verification 

By following the steps outlined below, you will have a clear understanding of the cost of your medical scan or test and your level of insurance cover before your procedure takes place. 

  • Step 1 - when discussing or confirming an appointment ask for the name and code of your test or scan from the booking team or your consultant’s secretary.
  • Step 2 - find and note down the name of your insurance plan and your policy number.
  • Step 3 – call our insurance cover team in Dublin on 01 885 8856 or email or Cork on 021 601 3374 or email with the information from steps 1 & 2.
  • Step 4 - one of our advisors will check your level of cover and will confirm what, if any, payment is required.
Insurance Checker

Insurance checker

Use our handy guide to check your level of health insurance cover.

Check your cover

Do  I have to pay and then claim from my insurer, or does my insurer pay directly?

It depends on your insurance provider. Some provide cover by direct settlement and others by indirect settlement.  

‘Direct Settlement’

  • the insurer pays us directly for all/some of the cost on your behalf.

‘Indirect Settlement’ 

  • you pay all/some of the cost on the day of your procedure and can then submit your receipt to claim back your allowable expenses from your insurance provider who will reimburse you in accordance with your insurance plan. 

An excess on your plan is usually payable directly to us on the day.


What cover is there for scans?

Many plans provide a wide range of direct settlement cover for CT and MRI scans. 

However x-ray and ultrasound scans are not usually covered by direct settlement, but most plans provide a level of cover against which you can submit your receipt.

To fully understand your level of cover for your  test or scan, contact our insurance cover team:

Why can I not get a direct answer on the insurance cover for my scan or text?

There are 350-400 different private health insurance plans and cash-plans available in Ireland, each one with its own unique terms and conditions, shortfalls and excesses, making it virtually impossible to quickly check cover. Our insurance cover team is here to help.

Call us with the name of your test or scan, the name of your plan and your policy number and we will give you a clear answer. 

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