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Our Network

Mater Private Network is proud to offer some of the most technologically advanced treatment options in Ireland and has pioneered many major developments in the delivery of healthcare. 

Patients who are referred into our care are reassured by the fact that, unlike specialist clinics where the focus is narrow, our full-service hospitals have the facilities and expertise to identify, diagnose and treat a complete range of complex and potentially related conditions.  

Our patient-centric focus drives our continued expansion, and we are committed to bringing our world-class healthcare services closer to our patients.


Mater Private Dublin, our flagship hospital, is internationally-renowned as a centre for high-quality patient care and clinical expertise. Mater Private Cork, our second acute hospital, is also internationally recognized, attracting some of the best international consultants in the world to treat patients in Cork and surrounding counties. In addition we have two advanced Radiotherapy Centres, one in Limerick and one in Liverpool (UK), and three out-patient clinics in Drogheda, Navan and Mullingar.

In 2019 we launched two Day Hospitals outside Dublin city centre, one in Northern Cross, North Dublin and one in Cherrywood, South Dublin.  

Mater Private Dublin

Mater Private in Dublin brings together over 200 specialists offering unsurpassed expertise to treat an extensive range of conditions, including Cardiac (Heart), Cancer, Eye, Orthopaedic, Spinal, and Vascular (Veins) conditions. Our Dublin hospital is renowned as a centre of excellence in Ireland for cardiac care and provides 24/7 access through its unique Urgent Cardiac Care unit. It is also one of Ireland’s leading private cancer centre. The hospital has an excellent Emergency Department offering patients a walk-in service for immediate access to expert care when an injury or illness arises.

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Mater Private Cork

Opened in 2012, Mater Private Cork is an acute hospital located close to Cork city centre in Citygate, Mahon. More than 100 consultants provide a wide range of services in the 75-bed facility. The hospital specializes in caring for patients with Cardiac, Vascular, Eye, Orthopaedic and Spinal conditions. Mater Private Cork also provides both Emergency Department and Urgent Cardiac Care services.

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Day Hospitals

Our Day Hospitals in Northern Cross and Cherrywood opened in 2019, to offer our patients the convenience of being able to arrange diagnostic testing and consultant appointments in a single location on the same day. Services available include specialist consultations, diagnostic imaging, cardiac testing, treatment plan initiation and physiotherapy.

South Dublin           North Dublin

Mater Private Satellite Radiotherapy Centres  

Mater Private Network has partnered with two specialist Radiotherapy centres in Limerick and Liverpool (UK) to provide radiotherapy services to patients. Our Limerick centre opened in 2005, following a collaboration with the HSE and the Mid-Western Hospitals Development Trust. It offers External Beam Radiotherapy, IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Treatment), IGRT (Image Guided Radiotherapy Treatment) and Brachytherapy consultations.

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The Clatterbridge Clinic in Liverpool is a joint venture between The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and Mater Private Network. It is Mater Private’s first international development and provides chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment to patients.

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Mater Private Outreach Clinics

Consultant rooms and cardiology testing are offered at our Outreach Clincs in Drogheda, Navan and Mullingar. These clinics provide patients with the convenience of local access to routine consultation, testing and follow-up appointments, instead of travelling to Dublin. 

Drogheda    Mullingar      Navan