Cardiovascular Research Institute Dublin (CVRI)


The Cardiovascular Research Institute Dublin is a joint collaboration between Mater Private Network, and the RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Opened in 2019 the CVRI Dublin is led by Professor Robert Byrne, MPN’s Director of Cardiology, and is located in Mater Private Hospital, Dublin, on Eccles Street. 

The CVRI Dublin brings together the expertise of Mater Private’s world-class team of over 30 cardiology consultants and specialist clinical researchers with the objective of providing a continuous source of innovation, knowledge and discovery in the field of cardiology.  

The CVRI Dublin undertakes research and studies in a number of different areas, and is structured around four key pillars.  


The CVRI Dublin's initial objective is to establish a Cardiac outcomes registry for research purposes within the Mater Private Network, with the longer-term aim of rolling out Ireland's first National Cardiac outcomes register. All data is anonymised and used only with the permission of patients.

The CVRI Dublin aims to advance heart health through patient-centred clinical research through the delivery of both investigator-initiated research and also by working with external sponsors and contract research organisations as part of multi-site international trials. 

CVRI Dublin hosts a comprehensive cardiovascular imaging laboratory, directed by experienced clinical researchers who specialise in all aspects of coronary angiography and intravascular imaging, while providing comprehensive assessment of coronary and structural heart disease. It is committed to consistently advancing the field by developing and validating new methodologies.

Systematic reviews attempt to collate all relevant evidence that fits pre-specified eligibility criteria to answer a specific research question. It uses explicit, systematic methods to minimise bias in the identification, selection, synthesis, and summary of studies. CVRI Dublin is leading a number of meta-analysis in the areas of Drug Eluting Stents and Acute Coronary Syndrome, engaging with Principal Investigators to gather data from a large number of clinical trials. 

Examples of the studies run by the CVRI include the SETANTA study, funded by Mater Private Network, which aims to determine what proportion of people who have had COVID-19 will have long-term changes in their heart muscle.  

Over the coming years, the CVRI Dublin plans to conduct further research in the key areas of patient-focused independent / investigator-initiated studies; outcomes research and innovations in medical device therapy.  

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Dublin Cardiovascular Research Forum

A key focus of CVRI Dublin is to ensure that it contributes to education through the sharing of research. The Dublin Cardiovascular Research Forum, a webinar series run on Thursday evenings during term-time, is a forum for renowned international speakers who present on the latest in cardiovascular research. A schedule of upcoming events and past recordings is available on the CVRI Website.

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