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The Mater Private Eye Laser Clinic is one of the largest and most experienced units in the country. Laser eye surgery is the reshaping of the cornea, the transparent ‘window’ at the front of the eye, by using an excimer laser to correct  problems with focusing.

The Mater Private Eye Laser Clinic was established in 1992, the first of its kind in Ireland dedicated to refractive surgery. One of the few hospital based clinics, it continues to this day as one of the largest and most experienced centres in Ireland. 

For those planning to undergo laser eye surgery, it is really important to have the reassurance that safety and standards are set to the highest levels. With our extensive track record we can assure you of the safest and most advanced techniques for correcting vision. Your surgeons at the Mater Private Eye Centre are highly qualified consultant ophthalmologists based in Ireland, all of whom are fully accredited surgeons with extensive international experience in the use of excimer laser and refractive surgery. 


Types of laser eye surgery

If you are considering laser vision correction, the best way to learn more is to come in and have an assessment with one of our consultants. You do not need a referral letter to book the assessment. This is a very comprehensive eye examination in which your suitability for the treatment will be assessed:

  • Review of your medical history 
  • Assessing your refraction/prescription 
  • Dilating your pupils 
  • Checking corneal thickness 
  • Checking tear production 

Based on the results of this assessment and taking into consideration your specific needs and concerns, your consultant ophthalmologist will recommend which treatment options are best for you. 

Prior to your appointment we will provide you with any information you need. If you are having surgery on both eyes, each eye will be treated individually and on separate days. We would advise that you plan a day of rest and that you have travel arrangements in place for after your procedure.

On the day of your surgery you can expect to be in the centre for two hours.

The first part of your visit will be a follow-on consultation with your surgeon, where you will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns or ask any final questions. This will then be followed by your pre-operative preparation; next  the laser procedure take places and then finally, the post-operative care. Our team of nurses and health professionals will look after you throughout. 

On discharge, you will be given clear instructions regarding any eyes-drops and medication you will need to take following your surgery. 

It is not recommended that you drive for up to 24 hours after surgery.  You should plan an evening of rest with low lighting. 

After surgery we follow a set post-surgical check-up program which includes appointments 24 hours following surgery, one week, three months and one year after surgery. As everyone heals at different rates, it may be necessary for you to attend clinic for additional follow up appointments. 

You can claim 20% tax relief in relation to medical expenses incurred by you for eye laser treatment on your medical expenses tax return.


Eye laser services

Initial assessment: €180. Assessment covers 12 months 

Lasik/Lasek per eye: €2,245

Bladeless surgery – Lasik XT/Lasek per eye:  €2,245 

Corneal cross-linking per eye: €1,270 


Lens implants surgery - payment structure 

We use a range of lens types depending on the individual prescription for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatisim. 

Price per eye varies depends on your condition: from €2,900 – €3,700

Pricing includes all follow up appointments for 12 months post surgery. 

A fee of €100 applies to all appointments thereafter. 

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