Laser-Assisted-Epithelial Keratomileusis (LASEK)

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Laser-Assisted-Epithelial Keratomileusis (LASEK) is a surface laser refractive procedure, similar to LASIK and PRK

Laser refractive eye surgery is used to improve the refractive state of the eye and to correct short sightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism, decreasing dependency on glasses or contact lenses. If you do not have 20/20 vision, you have what is called a refractive error. The most common surgical methods reshape the curvature of the cornea using excimer lasers. 

If you are considering laser vision correction, the best way to learn more is to come and meet one of our expert consultants for an assessment. This is a very comprehensive eye examination and along with determining your suitability for refractive surgery, it will allow us see if you are experiencing any other eye issues. 

Based on the results of this assessment and taking into consideration your specific needs, your consultant ophthalmologist will discuss which treatment options are best for you. 

In LASEK eye surgery, an incision is made in the cornea. The outer layer of the cornea can be lifted and loosened, to allow the surface of the cornea to be re-shaped with the laser. This allows light entering the eye to be properly focused on to the retina for clearer vision. 

The outer layer of the cornea is then repositioned and a bandage contact lens used to cover the treated area, to allow it heal. 

LASEK, like PRK, is an option for patients whose corneas are too thin for LASIK

After surgery we follow a set post-surgical check-up program which includes appointments at 24 hours, one week, three months and one year. Should you need support at any time following surgery, our consultants are available on a 24-hour emergency number. This will all be explained to you during your consultation with our team. 

You may experience the following after your procedure:  

  • Sensation of having a foreign object in your eye 
  • Temporarily reduced vision under poorly lit conditions 
  • Dry eyes, requiring the use of moisturising drops 
  • Hazy or cloudy vision 

The Eye Laser Clinic at Mater Private Hospital, Dublin, is a consultant led and hospital based practice. We have a long track record in safety and experience. We pride ourselves on standards of care, particularly in relation to our follow-up care program. 

At the Mater Private Eye Laser Clinic you are in the hands of some of the most experienced eye laser surgeons in Ireland. In fact, Mater Private Hospital is Ireland’s only training and teaching centre for eye laser surgery.