Our Lady's Ward

Our Lady’s Orthopaedic Ward is a dedicated orthopaedic ward where a multi-skilled team made up of  expert consultants, musculoskeletal (MSK) nursing staff, clinical nurse managers, and physiotherapists work together with patients to maximise their recovery before discharge.  

The ward contains specialist orthopaedic beds fitted above with trapeze bars which enable the patient to more easily move in and out of their bed after surgery. These bars also facilitate rehabilitative exercises.  

The ward also provides resistance bands for physiotherapy sessions and staff on the ward play a key role in educating orthopaedic patients in the best way to use them for their particular needs.  

During your stay with us in Our Lady’s Ward we will help you to recover your mobility, educate you about your wound care, and a member of our physiotherapy team will ensure that you are not discharged until you are confident that you can walk up and down the stairs with relative ease.