Joint School

At Mater Private Hospital, Dublin, we are pleased to offer patients who are coming to us for joint replacement surgery an educational and informative experience at Joint School.

The aim of Joint School is twofold. Firstly, it aims to ensure that you are as fit as possible for surgery and ready to be an active participant in your own recovery. Secondly it provides reassurance on what to expect when you come into hospital and for your rehabilitation at home.

Approximately one month before your operation, you and a family member/friend will be invited to meet with members of the team involved in your care. The interactive session will explain your whole patient journey including:

  • One of the orthopaedic surgeons will describe what to expect from the surgical point of view. 
  • An anaesthetist will talk through the delivery of the anaesthesia for the surgery as well as pain control management before and after the surgery.
  • The orthopaedic nurse will explain what you can expect when you go back to the ward after surgery in terms of your care, mobility and pain relief.
  • Our physiotherapist will discuss mobility goals post-surgery and provide an exercise programme for you to practice to optimise your recovery. The goals will change as the recovery process progresses. 
  • Our experienced orthopaedic team aim to support your journey from admission to discharge home.