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Pelvic Health Clinic, Mater Private Network, Eccles Street, Dublin 7, D07 WKW8 1800 22 23 33 Outside ROI +353 (0)51 595 165

Please note that a referral letter is required before an appointment can be confirmed.

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Pelvic health issues can really affect a person’s quality of life and are not something someone should have to live with. Pelvic health conditions are common and affect both men and women. Traditionally, they have been considered embarrassing to discuss, with many people choosing to sacrifice the quality of their life in order to avoid an uncomfortable conversation. People also are unsure of who to turn to with these sensitive problems. 

Such sacrifices are unnecessary with modern medicine, and appropriate treatment can lead to a significant improvement in the quality of life in patients with pelvic health conditions. It is not normal to put up with these symptoms. 

Pelvic health issues can indicate underlying conditions in colorectal, gynaecological and/or urological areas.  

To address the real cause of the symptoms and provide the best treatment Mater Private Network has created a pelvic health multidisciplinary team - consisting of consultants, clinical nurse specialists, and a clinical specialist physiotherapist.  

Mater Private pelvic health service provides a complete multidisciplinary service to diagnose, treat and manage pelvic floor conditions for both male and female patients. Our consultants cover the areas of colorectal, urology and gynaecology, and are skilled in addressing the concerns and meet the real needs of our patients.  We can offer you a wide range of proven treatment options with excellent outcomes from physiotherapy intervention to the latest minimally invasive surgical procedures. 

Why choose us?

Mater Private Pelvic Heath Clinic is a unique multidisciplinary service offering: 

  • A single access point to a multidisciplinary team of expert consultants to efficiently diagnose and help you take control of your condition. 
  • Consultant-led triage of all referrals to ensure rapid access to specialties appropriate to your symptoms.
  • Rapid access to colorectal, urology and gynaecology leading consultants.
  • Access to advanced treatment options, including physiotherapy and minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Treatment options 

  • Complex urodynamic analysis 
  • Sling surgery/colposuspension 
  • Urethral bulking agent 
  • Neuro-stimulators (SNS) 
  • Reconstructive surgery, incl. correction of prolapse 
  • Bladder installations 
  • Teaching intermittent catheterisation 
  • Urology specialist nurse review 
  • Pelvic health physiotherapy specialist review 

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Meet Kate O'Brien - Pelvic Health Clinic

Kate O’Brien is a Pelvic Health Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist at Mater Private Network in Dublin.

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