3rd August 2022

New Spine Clinic opening at Mater Private Day Hospital, Cherrywood, South Dublin

Location: South Dublin

Patients now have access to a new clinic delivering comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of spine conditions at Mater Private Day Hospital in Cherrywood, South County Dublin. 

This is the latest development in a partnership recently announced between Poynton SpineCare and Mater Private Network, building on services available at the well-established centre of excellence in Dublin City Centre and a new state-of-the-art clinic in Limerick.

Services at Mater Private in Cherrywood provide a rapid access approach to spine care and include:

  • Weekly spinal out-patient clinics, run by spine surgeons Mr. Ashley Poynton, Mr. Deb Roy and Mr. Islam Gawish
  • Spine specialist physiotherapy assessment in conjunction with consultant spine surgeons
  • Access to therapeutic spinal injections and surgical interventions when needed, at Mater Private Network high tech spinal facilities in Dublin and Cork

The extent to which Irish people suffer from back pain was made clear in a survey commissioned for Mater Private Network and conducted by Bounce Insights.  The survey among 500 Irish adults found that 91% of respondents suffered from back pain, while 46% reported missing either work or college because of their pain. Furthermore, 61% percent of respondents said they have visited their GP as a result of back pain and 53% said that their pain has impacted personal time with family and friends.  

Clinical Director and leading Irish spine surgeon, Mr. Ashley Poynton, recently said: “Our team has a broad and deep knowledge of spinal pathology from highly complex surgical cases to the most challenging rehabilitation patients and everything in between.  Most spinal pain can be treated successfully by regaining movement, flexibility, and strength, and building confidence in functional movement and exercise. While many people with spinal pain do not need any intervention other than rehabilitation, others may have underlying conditions that require deeper intervention, up to and including surgery. We have assembled an expert team, from specialist consultants and surgeons to spine expert physiotherapists, to deal with all eventualities and all spinal pathologies. Our philosophy is centred around the patient understanding the nature of the problem and building confidence in their own ability to recover.”

A GP referral is required, and routine appointments are normally available within two weeks - patients can be referred via Healthlink or email to info@poyntonspinecare.ie or ereferrals@materprivate.ie