Insurance for Medical Scans & Tests

At Mater Private Network we have a number of direct settlement agreements in place with the various insurance companies. Your level of cover will be discussed with you at the time of booking your appointment. Our insurance advisors will be happy to check your particular plan's cover at Mater Private


  • The majority of CT and MRI scans are fully covered by Aviva, GLO, GMA and ESB. 
  • We have a direct settlement agreement in place with VHI and Laya for some oncology scans. This cover is for consultant referrals only.
  • In the event that you are not covered by your private health insurance, you will be advised on the cost of the scan at the time of booking.


For the majority of patient endoscopy procedures are carried out as a day-case procedure. The vast majority of insurance plans offer 100% cover for day-case procedures.

  • Patients with no insurance cover also have access to Mater Private and will be given a procedure cost estimate in advance of treatment.
  • Patients without Insurance and who wish to self-pay are welcome. 

At Mater Private we are happy to help patients understand what, if any cost, they may incur for any procedure. To do this there a few simple steps

  • Check the name of your plan
  • Check your plan number
  • Confirm the procedure name with your Consultant
  • Call our insurance helpline on 01 01 885 8856 (Mater Private Dublin) or 021 601 3267 (Mater Private Cork) with the above details
  • Alternatively you can email (Mater Private Dublin).