Radiology Safety Guidelines

Radiation safety

For information on the typical radiation doses that you would receive from common x-rays and scans, please download the document below.

  Radiation Dose Information (pdf) | 142KB
X-ray safety

To gain a better understanding of the safety of different types of x-ray, download the file below.

  X-Rays- How safe are they (pdf) | 326KB
MRI safety

For MRI safety information, please visit the MRI page.

Contrast agents in radiology

For information on the types of contrast used in radiology and potential allergic reactions to contrast, please download the document below.

  Contrast Agents (pdf) | 145KB

Pregnancy and radiology

For any scans involving the use of radiation (x-ray, CT, interventional radiology, mammography, DEXA, nuclear medicine, PET/CT), you will be required to rule out the possibility that you are pregnant.

The Pregnancy Declaration Form is the document that we use to determine whether you are pregnant. Please download and read it.

If you are pregnant but urgently require a scan involving the use of radiation, your referring doctor will need to complete the clinical waiver form, Pregnancy Clinical Waiver Form.

  Pregnancy Declaration Form PDF | 216KB   Pregnacy Clinical Waiver Form PDF | 114KB