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About our service

The Visa Medical Centre at Mater Private Network is a designated provider of visa medicals for Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.  This service is now available in our Day Hospitals in Cherrywood and Northern Cross. 

If you are planning to visit or live in Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the USA and are not a citizen you may need to undergo a medical assessment/examination. The Visa Medical Centre at Mater Private Network can perform this medical for you in a timely and efficient manner. We provide easy access to visa medicals in one visit and at a single location.

Our visa medical centre is committed to offering you a premium service – you are our priority. Our programmes are designed to facilitate urgent access as much as possible.

We can perform all tests required for your medical in one single visit.

Medical examination: a physical examination and consultation will be performed by our panel doctor who has been nominated by the Immigration Department of Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the USA.  

All applicants will have a full medical examination.  A urine test is included for all those aged five years and older. The medical involves a physical examination, where the applicant will undress to underwear whilst wearing a gown. Chaperones are available upon request. 

Some applicants will be required to undergo a chest x-ray and/or blood testing  – please check your requirements with the relevant immigration agency. 

Laboratory blood tests: this sample is taken by a qualified phlebotomist.

X-ray: your chest x-ray will be performed and reported on by our diagnostic radiology department here on-site at Mater Private Hospital with quick turnaround of results. 

If you are planning to travel to Australia, Canada, the USA or New Zealand you must bring the following to your health examination: 

  • Passport (this must be in date) 
  • IME/UCI/HP/Referral notification  
  • Your prescription spectacles or contact lenses 
  • Existing specialist and/or other relevant medical reports for known medical conditions 
  • Prescription medications 
  • Previous chest x-ray reports 
  • Payment is required in full on day of attendance 

For USA visa applicants you must bring the following to your health examination: 

  • Appointment letter from the United States Embassy 
  • Passport (this must be in date) 
  • Two identical passport-sized photographs on white background (two for each applicant, including babies) 
  • Spectacles or contact lenses, if worn 
  • Vaccination records, with original certification 
  • Children's health record 
  • Medical reports of any past or current illnesses including psychiatric. If there is any history of TB or tuberculosis contact, please obtain old records, including investigation and treatment details 
  • Records for any treatment of STDs 
  • Where there may be special educational needs, please provide any recent educational support received 

Children under 15 years: if it states in your correspondence from the Department of Immigration/Case Officer that a blood test eg  TST/IGRA is required as part of the medical for the child you MUST inform the Visa Centre when you are arranging the appointment. 

Electronically enabled medicals will be uploaded and submitted via eMedical.

Women are advised not to attend during their menstrual period as this may affect the required urine test. 

For those travelling to Australia, Canada or New Zealand, as our facility is eMedical enabled, your medical results and reports will be sent to the relevant Department of Immigration electronically. 

For those travelling to the USA, once your report is complete you will be contacted, and arrangements will be made for you to collect your report. 

For further information regarding your visa applications please log on to: 

As our facility is eMedical enabled,  your medical results and reports will be sent to the relevant Department of Immigration electronically. 

For anyone applying to Australia, we cannot book an appointment for your medical until you have applied for your visa and received your HAP ID from the Australian Immigration Department.