Your Child's Stay

At Mater Private Dublin, we have a specialist team of paediatric consultants, surgeons and anaesthetists, supported by paediatric trained nurses. 

Care plans are specifically tailored to paediatric care needs and our dedicated paediatric facilitator ensures that the clinical needs of your child meet best practice. 

A hospital visit, whether an appointment or a longer stay, can be stressful for both you and your child. Speaking to your child about what is going to happen will make their experience a lot less

  • Talk about hospital as a cheerful place where doctors and nurses help to make people better.
  • Play doctors and nurses.
  • Read hospital stories.
  • Reassure your child that you will be there as much as possible, and that he or she will be coming home.
  • Talk to your doctor or nurse about what will happen throughout your child's stay and then explain it to your child in a much simpler format.
  • Plan to bring some familiar toys, clothes and comfort blankets
  • If there is any special assistance you need for your child, please let our admissions team know in advance.

All children will be admitted to a single room or to a shared room with other children. Children will never share with an adult patient.

All children are admitted to the same ward area and are closely monitored by our dedicated paediatric nursing team.

Parents or guardians are encouraged to stay with their child at all times. When your child is staying overnight, accommodation will be available for the parent/guardian in the room.

Bring some familiar toys with you to keep you child occupied and to help them feel comfortable.

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