Your Admission

During your stay, your well-being is our primary concern and we will do everything we can to help make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

We believe that excellent care is more than just good medicine and we wish your stay with us to be as safe, pleasant and as comfortable as possible.

On Arrival at the Hospital

On arrival at the hospital, please check in at main reception, where you will be directed to your admission area.  Any paperwork will be completed with you and then a care attendant will bring you to your room to settle you in.

There is a lot of information to take in, particularly if it is your first time staying with us.  Once you are settled, tune into Channel 26 on your TV and there is a short information video about your room and your stay.

If there is a family member you would like to be present for any consultations or to represent you, please let us know. For longer stay patients, family and friends are often anxious to keep up to date with your progress, particularly if they cannot get to in to see you.  We find it works well if you nominate one person for us to keep in touch with and they in turn can advise family and friends.


It is international best practise to ensure you are always correctly identified every time there is an activity in relation to your care.

So what you will notice is that we continually ask you to confirm your name and date of birth. Don’t worry, we are not forgetful!  Even if we know you really well, we will ask you to say your name and date of birth every time we do something, from ensuring you get the correct meal to ensuring you are getting the correct medication or test. 

On arrival you will be issued with an ID bracelet.

  • Before you put it on, check the information on your ID bracelet to make sure your name and date of birth are correct.
  • Please wear your ID bracelet throughout your stay, do not remove it.
  • If your ID bracelet comes off, please inform your nurse who will issue you with a new one.


The Mater Private does not accept responsibility for valuables, including money or jewellery. We encourage you to leave any valuables at home and to only bring a small amount of cash for sundry items that you might need to purchase during your stay.


We actively encourage both you and your family to participate in any decisions to be made about your care. If you feel more comfortable having a nominated family member present during key consultations, please let your nurse know so that we can facilitate this. Throughout your stay the team involved in your care will keep you informed of your treatment and progress. If you have any questions, are worried about anything or have any concerns, please let us know so that we can help to put your mind at rest.