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Billing & Insurance

Am I covered at the Mater Private?


Insurance cover and costs related to medical treatment are at times difficult to get clarity on. We have direct settlement agreements in place with all main insurers but there are times you may not be fully covered.

We have a team of trained experts who can help you understand your level of insurance cover, and any associated costs, for the treatment you need at the Mater Private in Dublin.  In the event that you change your insurance provider or plan, you can call us to check that your new plan covers you sufficiently at the Mater Private.

Once you know your treatment, or even if you have an idea of the type of procedure you might need, call us and we will work with you to determine how much, if any, cost you may incur. 

Call us in Dublin on 01 885 8856 (option 1) 8am - 5pm Mon - Fri

Email: cover@materprivate.ie

There are a few simple pieces of information which will help us to give you accurate information:

  • The name of your insurance plan
  • The plan number
  • The procedure name 
  • The procedure code - ask your Consultant or their Secretary for this
  • How long have you been with your current insurer?
  • Have you changed policy recently? When?
  • Who was your previous insurer?


  • Online

    For your convenience we have an online payments portal.


    Credit/Debit Card/Bank Transfer

    You may pay in advance by Credit/Debit card or by bank transfer prior to your admission.

    Call us on 01 885 88856 (option 2) (8am - 5pm Mon-Fri).

    Bank transfers should be sent to the Mater Private bank account using the following details:

    IBAN: IE87AIBK93220534787009


    BANK: AIB Bank Lower Drumcondra Road, Dublin 9

    Please use the invoice number as the reference to avoid delays or lost payments.

  • Access to treatment at the Mater Private is possible, if you do not have full or indeed any insurance cover.  In such cases, treatment is paid for directly to the hospital 

    Talk to us today about our self-pay options and to find out how soon we can arrange your procedure.

    Tel: 01 885 8856

    Email: ask@materprivate.ie

    Finally, don’t forget, certain medical costs also qualify for tax relief.

    See www.revenue.ie for further details.

  • Most insurance companies do not offer direct settlement for outpatient services and payment is due on the day the service is provided. Depending on the outpatient benefit scheme on your insurance plan you may be able to claim some of the cost back from you insurer.

  • The Mater Private Hospital in Dublin has waived or reduced the shortfall on over 50 procedures, against a wide range of insurance plans, resulting in 100% cover for many patients.

    Areas benefiting from this include a range of cancer related procedures, paediatric, joint replacement and disc procedures.

    Patients will be advised of this on admission or you can call in advance. Call us on 01- 885 8856 8am - 5pm Mon - Fri to see if your plan is one of those that benefits from these waivers.

    If there is a hospital shortfall and/or excess, you will be asked to pay this on or prior to admission.