We are an officially designated aero-medical centre for those wishing to obtain a license from the Irish Aviation Authority.

An appointment at the Aeromedical Centre involves the following:

  • Completion of Application forms
  • Ophthalmology Examination
  • Electrocardiograph (E.C.G.)
  • Spirometry (pulmonary function tests)
  • Audiogram
  • Bloods to include Haemoglobin and Cholesterol (if possible please fast for 12 – 14 hours prior to your medical and drink plenty of water)
  • General medical examination, to include height, weight, blood pressure, urine analysis and full physical examination by the Aeromedical Examiner.

What do I need to bring?

  • 2 photocopies of your passport
  • Sun-glasses: your eyes may be sensitive following the Ophthalmology examination.