Retinal Eye Conditions

What are retinal eye conditions? 

Retinal eye conditions are varied and include the following: 

For each of the retinal eye conditions we treat at Mater Private Dublin, a wide variety of both medical and surgical options are available to patients. In advance of carrying out any treatment, our team ensures that thorough investigations have been carried out in order to determine what stage the condition is at and how much damage has been caused already before choosing the right treatment option for the patient. 

How are retinal eye conditions diagnosed? 

A range of assessments and scans are available on-site in the eye centre and are used in formulating your treatment and management plan:

Once you have been seen by your consultant and a diagnosis is made, your consultant may refer you for repeat scans to monitor response to treatment or changes in your eye condition. Most scans require pupil dilation, after which near vision will be blurred for up to six to eight hours. We recommend you have an escort home and that you wear sunglasses as you may be sensitive to light. You should not drive for 24 hours after pupil dilation. 

What medical and surgical retinal treatments are available? 

The following treatments can help depending on your clinical indication: 

  • Anti-VEGF injections (lucentis, eylea, and avastin) 
  • Steroid injections 
  • Laser photocoagulation 
  • Retinal detachment repair 
  • Vitrectomy 
  • Membrane peeling 
  • Macular hole surgical repair 
  • Complex and re-do retinal detachment surgery