A consultation with one of our consultants is often the start of your treatment process, and at Mater Private Network, we take great pride in the care and respect with which you will be treated during your consultation and subsequent treatment.

Our consultants offer consultations in a wide range of specialties from Cardiology (Heart & Veins) through Oncology (Cancer Care), Ophthalmology (Eye Care) and Orthopaedics (Bones, Joints & Muscles) to Spinal Surgery and much more. Further information is available via the 'Find a Service' link below.

Several of our Mater Private Network Consultants work from multiple Mater Private locations, allowing you to see them in your preferred location. You can find more information on where each consultant is based by using the 'Find a Consultant' link below.

Mater Private Consultants have access to an extensive range of supporting services, and you may be referred on to one of these at your consultation. These support services include radiology, physiotherapy, phlebotomy (blood testing) and many other services from allied health professionals.

If your treatment plan requires surgery, a procedure or other treatment on an inpatient basis, your Consultant may admit you to one of our Mater Private Network Hospitals, depending on which suits you and your health needs best.

We look forward to welcoming you to Mater Private Network at your next consultation, and please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. 

To arrange a consultation, please use our Request an Appointment form.