Your Hospital Stay

During your stay at the Mater Private we will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable. If you need anything please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff.

  • If you do not wish people to know that you are a patient in the hospital or if you would like to restrict your visitors or phone calls, please inform admissions staff on arrival or a staff member on your ward.

    In each of the bedrooms there will be towels provided as well as a television, radio and telephone.

    Bathrooms All bedrooms are en-suite apart from semi-private rooms in which the bathroom facilities are shared. Toilets in bedrooms are for patient use only. Visitors should use the public bathrooms on the ward. This is very important to prevent the spread of any infection.

    Shared bedrooms If other patients in the room are resting or sleeping, we ask that you use headphones for any personal entertainment devices.  If you have a lot of visitors and feel well enough, there are spacious visiting rooms which you can use on each floor. 

  • Our visiting hours are flexible and extend from 10.30am to 8.30pm on most inpatient wards. If you do not want visitors or do not feel up to it at any point, just let us know.

    There are occasions when visiting hours are restricted for reasons such as doctor’s consultations, routine daily procedures or to facilitate periods of rest as deemed necessary. The nurse in charge can confirm the visiting times with you. Access for visitors outside of these hours will remain at the discretion of the ward manager.

    Rest and a calm environment are important to help your recovery. We ask that consideration is shown for all patients and particularly for those in shared accommodation.

    We suggest the following:

    • limit visitors to 2 at a time
    • be mindful of noise levels
    • young children should be with an adult at all times
    • ask those with a cold, flu, stomach bug or other infection not to visit you

    Please note: if you are being treated on St. Joe's ward or in ICU, children under the age of 10 are not permitted to visit these areas.

  • Flowers are not permitted in any part of the hospital due to infection control measures. The soil, water or dust which collects on plants and flowers, can carry infection or bacteria.

  • The Mater Private promotes a smoke free environment and smoking is prohibited throughout the building.

    If you are a smoker and need help coping, please ask us. If you are well enough you may be permitted to smoke outside.

  • WiFi

    There is free public WiFi available throughout the hospital.  The WiFi is called MPH-GUEST and you can get the current password from reception. You will be asked to accept our terms and conditions when you log into our WiFi.


    You will find a shop in the main hospital reception area, which is stocked with a range of items . Cigarettes are not sold in the shop. There is a daily newspaper round every morning between 8am and 9am.


    During your stay any post will be delivered to your room. All mail received after you leave the hospital will be forwarded to your home address. Pre-stamped letters may be left at the main reception or handed to the staff on your ward who will ensure they are posted on your behalf. Stamps can be purchased in the shop.

    We can organise dry cleaning or laundry for you and a hairdresser is available to call to your room.  These incur a charge from the service provider.

    There is also an ATM and a phone charging facility in reception for your use

  • The hospital endeavours to provide spiritual care for all patients during their stay. Currently we have a full-time Catholic chaplain, Fr. Kieran Dunne and a Church of Ireland chaplain, Rev. Aisling Shine. Chaplains from other denominations who visit the Hospital regularly, please let us know if you have any special requirements. 

    There is an Oratory on the ground floor which provides a quiet space for religious service and prayer. The Oratory is open 24 hours or can be viewed on TV Channel 11. Details of Mass times are available in the Oratory, from the nurse on your ward or from reception

  • We take great pride in the meals we serve you.  Many patients attest to the excellent quality and the variety of food choices. We source as much fresh Irish produce as possible, provide a variety of food to suit all tastes and cater for any special dietary requirements.

    There is a daily menu to choose from but if you do not feel like eating and would prefer tea & toast or something light, let us know.

    To comply with food safety legislation, please do not to bring food into the hospital.  If there is something special you need, let us know and we will source it for you.

    A public restaurant is located on the ground floor, serves a wide variety of meals and snacks if you would like to eat outside your room.

  • The restaurant, located on the ground floor, serves a wide variety of meals.

  • If you would like to have your discharge prescription dispensed by the hospital’s pharmacy please inform the nursing staff. We operate the Drug Payment Scheme for patients who have a current DPS Card. Otherwise, the cost of take home medications are payable in the pharmacy on your day of discharge.

    Pharmacy opening hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.