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16th April 2024

New Emergency Department Bays to Improve Patient Treatment Times at Mater Private Network Dublin

Location: Dublin

This week, Mater Private Network opened four new bays in the Emergency Department at our Dublin hospital.  

The addition of these new bays doubles the treatment capacity in our Dublin hospital. This expansion allows us to accommodate more patients, improve treatment times and enhance the overall patient experience during emergency medical care. The average treatment time is currently approximately five hours in our Emergency Department (ED); this compares very favourably to the national average waiting time of 12 hours at EDs across the country. With this expansion, we aim to improve this time even further and offer a heightened level of comfort and care to patients throughout their time in the ED.  

Mater Private Network CEO John Hurley officially opens new Emergency Department Bays at Eccles Street in Dublin. He is cutting a navy Mater Private ribbon with large scissors and is surrounded by staff.

We have also expanded our Emergency Department team to meet demand with five new, specialist ED nurses and consultants joining our emergency care team to ensure patients feel the benefits of expedited treatment. 

Mr. John Hurley, CEO at Mater Private Network, said: “2024 will be a busy year for development at Mater Private Network. We have a number of expansion plans in the pipeline, and with these projects, what we’re setting out to do is continue to deliver excellent patient care, but deliver it in a simple, streamlined fashion. While resources like the additional treatment bays will help us to simplify excellence in care, the true testament to our services is our staff, so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful Emergency Department team for their continued efforts and exemplary patient support.” 

The Emergency Department team are standing side by side. They are wearing a mixture of light blue and dark blue scrubs and are posing beside the new patient bays.

Dr. Eamonn Brazil, Emergency Department Consultant at Mater Private Network Dublin, added: “These additional bays will make a huge difference to patient experience here at Mater Private Network, Dublin. Our team of Emergency Department staff have been great during this period of growth and now, as we officially open our four new bays, we as a team can continue to put our best foot forward. The extra capacity, extra space and extra resourcing opened today will allow us to do that.”  

Moreover, Mater Private Network will continue to offer on-site access to advanced diagnostics and a network of specialist consultants. This ensures seamless coordination of diagnostics and treatment, enabling patients to undergo X-rays, CTs or MRIs, consult with additional specialists, or be admitted to hospital if required, all within the same visit. 

In tandem with the ED expansion, we now provide a dedicated pathway for assessing fracture and trauma injuries on site. This comprehensive service includes triage, initial treatment, and access to surgical and physiotherapy consultation and review for injuries including: 

  • Clavicle elbow and wrist fractures,  
  • Soft tissue knee injuries,  
  • Foot and ankle fractures,  
  • Achilles tendon ruptures,  
  • Other soft tissue injuries and non-complex fractures 

The Emergency Department at Mater Private Network Dublin is open Monday to Saturday, 8am to 7pm (excluding bank holidays) for patients aged 16 and above. Walk-in patients are accepted during these times. No appointment or GP referral is necessary, ensuring accessibility and convenience for those in need of urgent medical assistance. For more information about this service, visit our Emergency Department page.