22nd March 2023

Prof. Dominic Hegarty has been appointed to the role of Clinical Director at Mater Private Network, Cork

Location: Cork

Professor Dominic Hegarty, Consultant in Pain Management and Neuromodulation, has been appointed to the role of Clinical Director at Mater Private Network in Cork. Chosen for this leadership role due to his extensive range of skills, professional experience and knowledge, Prof. Hegarty is an invaluable part of our network, and highly regarded by colleagues for his devotion and commitment to the hospital and its patients.

As part of his new role as Clinical Director, Prof. Hegarty will be responsible for overseeing, implementing, and ensuring participation in the clinical governance structures for patient safety such as Quality Using Safe and Effective Treatment (QUEST) and the Mater Private Network Quality and Safety Board.

Prof. Hegarty is recognised as one of Ireland’s leading specialists in the area of pain management, thanks to his continued development of new pain techniques that address the most complex cases in this area. In addition to his expanded role with Mater Private Network, Prof. Hegarty is also the Clinical Director of Pain Relief Ireland and is current President of the World Institute of Pain.  In 2022 he was appointed as the first formal Professor of Pain Medicine at University College Cork (UCC). Prof. Hegarty has a keen interest in technological innovations and the use of stimulation devices to support pain management; he believes that pain medicine as a discipline is changing dramatically and the medtech industry and advances in neuromodulation are major steps forward that will have a hugely positive influence on pain control in the future.

Commenting on his new role as Clinical Director at Mater Private Network, Prof. Hegarty said “It is my pleasure to take up this role to work with the excellent team in Mater Private Cork. The objective will be to continue to develop safe and effective treatment options that are focused on the needs of our patients and their families now and into the future.”