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Health and Social Care Professions (HSCP) Day 2023

HSCPs are an integral part of Mater Private Network and through their support, we can provide world-class expert care to our patients.

All|19th April 2023
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Mater Private Network Limerick Launches Cookbook to Support Patients During Radiotherapy

Nourish is a carefully curated compilation of recipes and tips put together by Niamh Corkery, Senior Dietitian in Radiation Oncology at Mater Private Network, together with her colleagues at the Mid-Western Radiation Oncology Centre in Limerick.

Limerick|28th March 2023
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Prof. Dominic Hegarty has been appointed to the role of Clinical Director at Mater Private Network, Cork

Chosen for this leadership role due to his extensive range of skills, professional experience and knowledge, Prof. Hegarty is an invaluable part of our network, and highly regarded by colleagues for his devotion and commitment to the hospital and its patients.

Cork|22nd March 2023
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Celebrating the Women of Mater Private Network - Past, Present and Future

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, we are going behind the scenes to talk to some of the amazing women who work across our network.

All|8th March 2023
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Mater Private Network's Human Resources Team Win the CIPD Ireland Award for Talent Management

The Human Resources Department has been recognised by CIPD Ireland for their recruitment achievements in 2022.

All|28th February 2023
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