7th February 2024

What happens during a health screening?

How many times have you felt a bit ‘off’ and thought to yourself: I should probably get checked out in case something is happening with my health? The answer is likely more times than you would admit. 

If that is the case, it might be a good idea for you to consider booking a health screening. A health screening is a comprehensive assessment of a person’s current health status which helps to identify future health risks or issues that may arise. 

A man is having his blood pressure checked by a female doctor during a health screening.

Why would I need a health screening?

The simplest answer is to give you peace of mind or food for thought about your health. They provide a snapshot of your overall health; identify any risk factors and they allow you to put in place a plan to best prevent any health issues.  

A person who has a family history of a certain condition like heart disease, for example, may be most compelled to undergo periodical health screenings to map out whether their genetic predisposition this disease is beginning to affect them. In a case like this, knowing their current blood pressure and cholesterol levels will help that person to determine if they need to make lifestyle changes to keep their heart health on track, or whether they may need further investigation or medicine to help them. 

Health screenings are also useful for people who may not have visited a doctor in their recent past and have no information about their current health state or the risks that they may face moving forward.  

There are many scenarios for which a health screening is useful. 



HealthCheck aims to help people identify risk factors, signs and symptoms of common conditions, which if not detected early could result in serious health issues.

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How does a health screening operate at Mater Private Network? 

Our health screening service, which is called ‘HealthCheck’, is built on over 30 years of experience and gives you access to Ireland’s leading medical experts and their knowledge. 

When you undergo a screening with HealthCheck, you will first complete a questionnaire which will help us to get a more detailed overview of your areas of concern and your current medical state. You will then undergo a physical examination, followed by a series of tests including stool and urine analyses and more. You will have a full blood analysis. If necessary, vascular screening, a stress test, a DEXA scan, and others will also be available. A full breakdown of the individual tests involved in the screening can be found on our dedicated HealthCheck page

How long does the health screening take? 

Once the level of detail involved in a health screening is clear,  people might assume that a screening will take a significant portion of their day or even span across multiple days. However, this is far from accurate. 

Our HealthCheck is designed to be as time efficient as possible because we understand that everyone has a very busy lifestyle. We estimate that a full HealthCheck will take approximately three hours to complete, and everything involved in the screening will happen on the same day, so there is no need for multiple visits unless screening discovers something that requires further investigation or treatment. 

Where can I get Mater Private Network health screening? 

Mater Private Network’s health screenings are available at two locations in Dublin: 

Dublin South: Cherrywood, South Dublin - Mater Private Network, Cherrywood Business Park, Building 11, Loughlinstown, Co. Dublin, D18 DH50 

Dublin North: Northern Cross, North Dublin - Mater Private Network, Newenham House, Northern Cross, Malahide Rd., Dublin 17, D17 AY61 

Free parking and wheelchair access is available at both locations. 

How can I get a screening that is as cost-effective as possible?  

There are a couple of options open to you if you want to save on the cost of your health screening. Firstly, you can claim 20% tax relief on the cost of your health screening with HealthCheck.  

Secondly, if you have private health insurance, your plan may cover part of the cost for Healthcheck. You should check with your insurance provider to confirm whether your plan includes provision for the screening. 

Finally, companies and employers can contact HealthCheck and avail of corporate rates which are available for senior leadership teams and other staff screenings. 

For more information or to book your HealthCheck, contact: 01 885 8257 or  01 885 8258 or email to healthcheck@materprivate.ie

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