3rd July 2024

Meet Jincy Kuriakose - Clinical Nurse Manager 3

Career progression is one of the many reasons nurses travel to Ireland. Roles are challenging, but the experience gained is crucial for those who wish to advance their skills and knowledge.

Jincy Kuriakose, originally from India, completed her initial nursing training in her home country. She sought nursing experience abroad, working in places like the United Arab Emirates before moving to Ireland. Eleven years ago, Jincy joined Mater Private Network Cork, where she was recently promoted to Clinical Nurse Manager 3 (CNM3) in the theatre department.

Please tell us about yourself and your nursing role.

My role as a CNM3 involves working closely with consultants, staff members, patients, and their families, ensuring smooth and effective communication and care.

Jincy Kuriakose is smiling and and sitting in front of a computer screen. She is wearing glasses, a light green top and has a lanyard around her neck.I am responsible for the overall day-to-day management and effective functioning of our six operating theatres. I am also responsible for the administrative office, the post-operative department and central sterilising department.

Our hospital offers a variety of clinical specialties, and we have many experienced consultants who all need access to our theatres. Our priority is to care for patients coming to the theatre department while trying to eliminate long delays. The main aspect of my role is to provide the best quality care to patients.

From a management perspective, I am also responsible for the nursing team in the theatre department, ensuring that all theatres are fully staffed and equipped.

A side profile of Jincy Kuriakose as she looks at an x-ray of a pelvic area on a computer screen.

What motivated you to pursue a nursing career in Ireland?

I am from India, where I began my nursing career. After I completed my training, I felt the need to go abroad to further explore and expand my nursing career.

Ireland has a well-regarded healthcare system with advanced technologies available which we do not have back in India. What I like about Ireland is that the healthcare system is dedicated to patient-centred care and offers nurses continuous professional development opportunities. Recently, Mater Private Network supported me in completing my master’s degree in peri-operative nursing

What helped you settle into your role in Mater Private Network?

When I started as a staff nurse in Mater Private Network, I had never experienced such a friendly working environment anywhere else. Management is supportive, and we have flexible hours. We are working in a healthcare system so there will be lots of pressure and stress, but we always work as a team here. Patient safety and quality of care come first. 

Jincy Kuriakose is standing in front of a board which is located on a wall. She is looking at a number of documents on the board and is pointing to one with her finger.What are some of the key qualities you think make a good nurse?

Communication is key; effective communication makes it easier to provide higher quality care to patients. Maintaining satisfaction and safety for both patients and staff is very important. Nurses should have strong leadership abilities and a commitment to supporting both patients and fellow nursing staff.

A positive attitude and approach to the job are essential. Other valuable qualities in a nurse include good problem-solving skills, optimism, flexibility, extensive knowledge, and always being an advocate for patients. Demonstrating kindness and a sense of humanity encourages patients and colleagues to respond in kind.

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