19th June 2024

Meet Beena Sasi - Staff Nurse

Embarking on a nursing career opens doors to opportunities worldwide. Nurses from Ireland regularly travel abroad to gain professional and cultural experiences which will broaden their knowledge. Similarly, nurses from around the world come to Ireland, bringing diverse skills and expertise. 

We met with Beena Sasi, Staff Nurse at Mater Private Network in Dublin to learn more about her role and how she is settling in Ireland. Beena is from India and has been based in our Eccles Street hospital since 2021. She gained 10 years’ nursing experience in a medical surgical ward in India. Beena cares for patients pre- and post-surgery. 

Beena Sasi is standing in a patient room in front of a bed and some medical equipment. She is smiling and is wearing a blue Mater Private Network uniform.

Please tell us about yourself and your nursing role.

At Mater Private Network we provide care to surgical patients who have had procedures such as breast surgeries, gynaecological surgeries, plastic surgeries, and spinal surgeries. It is a challenging, but enjoyable role. I have 10 years’ experience in a medical surgical unit in India. I really enjoyed my job in my country, but I decided that I would like to come to Europe and gain experience in Ireland.

What motivated you to pursue a nursing career in Ireland?

I am happy to be in Ireland. The Irish healthcare system offers excellent opportunities for nurses and other medical professionals for career development and advancement. I can progress my career here with the support that I receive. My colleagues are very friendly and there is always a welcoming atmosphere when I come to work.  

Beena Sasi is using a black marker to write patient information onto a white board inside a patient room.

What helped you settle into your role in Mater Private Network?

When I started trying to adapt to Irish life, it was stressful because it was a new place and an unfamiliar environment. Everything was new to me. I was always thinking about how to overcome the situation, but then I settled in thanks to the support of my manager, my colleagues, and clinical facilitators. They are very understanding and supportive. There is always good sense of teamwork in Mater Private Network.  

What are some of the key qualities you think make a good nurse?

From my point of view, a good nurse should communicate well with patients and colleagues. As a nurse, you must be compassionate, polite, and caring. The most important thing while working with a patient who is in an unpleasant situation is to support them. You should try to assist them to solve their problems. 

Beena Sasi is sitting at a nurses station and is using a computer which is positioned in front of her.

On a practical level, you should also be organised on the ward and when working with patients. A significant aspect of the job involves using critical thinking skills to determine the best approach for each patient. Additionally, there are times when you must demonstrate leadership skills to ensure the ward's processes and functions operate smoothly. If you can show some of these qualities, you can be a good nurse.

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