23rd May 2024

Mater Private Network introduces the AveirTM VR Leadless Pacemaker: a Milestone in cardiac care

Location: Dublin

Mater Private Network in Dublin has become the first private hospital in Ireland to successfully implant the AveirTM VR Leadless Pacemaker. This remarkable milestone, carried out by Dr. Jim O’Brien, Consultant Cardiologist at Mater Private Network, marks a significant advancement in cardiovascular medicine.

The AveirTM VR Leadless Pacemaker, developed by Abbott, represents a novel approach to treating abnormal heart rhythm conditions, offering a suitable treatment option for patients with a history of complications with conventional pacemaker systems, or patients with anticipated difficult vascular access, chronic dialysis or high infection risk.

Mater Private Network Introduces the Aveir VR Leadless Pacemaker

Unlike other types of traditional pacemakers implanted under the skin, the AveirTM VR is placed directly into the heart’s right ventricle via a catheter. The innovative design eliminates any visible or physical reminder of the device under the patient’s skin, reduces post-implant activity restrictions, and offers a longer battery life compared to other pacemakers, thereby enhancing patient comfort and contributing to more positive treatment outcomes. 

Dr. Jim O’Brien expressed his enthusiasm about the successful implantation of the first Aveir™ VR Leadless Pacemaker at Mater Private Network, highlighting the benefits this innovation brings to patients: “We are incredibly proud to be the first private hospital in Ireland to offer this cutting-edge technology. The AveirTM VR Leadless Pacemaker represents a significant leap forward in the treatment of heart rhythm disorders, placing improved patient experience at the forefront of this innovation. Our patients can now benefit from a more discreet and efficient solution, underscoring our commitment to providing the highest standard of cardiovascular care”.