12th March 2024

Mater Private Network Cork Celebrates Cardiology Patients' Journey to Recovery

Location: Cork

Last Friday, a reunion event took place at Mater Private Network Cork, as 50 cardiology patients who completed the Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme gathered to celebrate their journey towards recovery. The event was hosted by the dedicated cardiac care team at the hospital in Citygate, Mahon.

The attendees were all patients who had participated in a comprehensive 6-week cardiac rehabilitation programme over the past 18 months, or remotely during the challenging times of the COVID-19, and they came together to share stories of their progress.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme at Mater Private Network Cork ensures that patients return to their normal activities after heart attack, stenting, cardiac surgery or heart failure diagnosis. This innovative program is designed not only to facilitate physical recovery, but also to provide education that empowers patients to take charge of their cardiac health and prevent future problems.

Integral to the success of the programme is the multi-disciplinary team at Mater Private Network Cork, which includes consultant cardiologists, cardiac nurse specialists, dietitians, cardiac physiotherapists, and a clinical psychotherapist. This multi-disciplinary approach ensures that patients receive comprehensive care tailored to their individual needs, guiding them back to the path of optimal health and well-being.