7th March 2024

Mater Private Network Conducts First-of-its-kind Robotic-Assisted Spinal Fusion Surgeries in Ireland

Location: Dublin

Mater Private Network has completed two new types of robotic-assisted spinal fusion surgeries which mark the inaugural use of this cutting-edge technology in the Republic of Ireland.

Since its introduction in 2019, robotic-assisted spinal surgery has transformed surgical practices at Mater Private Network. This innovative approach empowers surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures with precision and accuracy, offering patients several important benefits, including reduced incision size and greatly improving post-operative discomfort, as well as minimal blood loss and muscle trauma.

Technology in action:

A patient (60s) with adult scoliosis presented to the Mater Private Dublin, having previously undergone surgery on their spine to decompress and relieve pressure on the spinal nerves. Unfortunately, all previous surgeries were unsuccessful, and the patient presented with continued and progressive pain in their lower back and legs. This patient had undergone physiotherapy and had received pain relief injections for chronic pain, but neither provided a satisfactory outcome. 

Mr. Deb Roy is standing to the right of the image in an operating theatre and is wearing surgical clothing, gloves and a mask. Beside him is a patient who is receiving surgery with the use of a surgical robot which is positioned over the patient.


In this context, Mr. Deb Roy, Spinal Surgeon at Mater Private Network, took on the case. He performed an extreme lateral interbody fusion with assistance from the latest in robotic-assisted surgical technology. This minimally invasive surgery involved gaining access to the patient’s spine through a small incision on the side. Once the spine and the nerves around the spine were identified, Mr. Roy removed damaged discs and replaced them using an interbody cage with bone graft.

A second case involved a patient (50s) presenting with progressive pain in the lower back and legs. The pain was so severe that the patient was unable to work or sleep, severely impacting their quality of life. Pain management plans had previously been put in place for the patient, to no avail. To treat this case, Mr. Roy, Spinal Surgeon at Mater Private Network, performed a micro-access interpedicular lumbar fusion. Gaining access to the spine through the patient’s back using a small incision, Mr. Roy thereafter decompressed, stabilised and fused the affected area of the spine.

Future Outlook: 

Mr. Roy commented "It is an honour to have conducted these pioneering surgeries with Mater Private Network. These procedures mark a significant milestone in spinal care in the Republic of Ireland and highlight how we can harness the technologies available to us to drive better outcomes for patients."

Committed to the adoption and utilisation of the latest in medical technology, Mater Private Network continues to show its commitment to innovation and patient-centric care, enhancing patient outcomes across its network in Ireland.