10th July 2023

Empowering patients' healthcare journey: discover the benefits of our online Insurance Checker

Location: Dublin

A health insurance checker is now available on our website, offering multiple benefits for patients and their GPs who can use this tool as a reference for key information about health insurance cover and costs for treatments and procedures at Mater Private Network in Dublin.

By empowering patients and their GPs with knowledge and simplifying insurance-related tasks, the health insurance checker can help to reduce confusion, save valuable time, and promote informed decision-making regarding their healthcare choices.

Mater Private Network Insurance Checker


Mater Private health insurance checker will help our patients to: 

  • Determine their level of insurance cover: this tool enables patients to quickly and easily determine whether a specific procedure or treatment is covered by their health insurance policy. 
  • Estimate costs: using this tool, patients can get an estimate of any out-of-pocket/shortfall costs they may incur for a particular procedure or treatment. 
  • Access information quickly and more easily: with busy lives and lots of factors to consider, it can save time that would otherwise be spent sending emails or making phone calls during working hours.  Being able to access key information online 24/7 makes it easier and more convenient to choose the right provider for the healthcare you need. 
  • Understand complexities: the details and terminology of health insurance plans can be complex and confusing, with a wide variety of coverage limitations and exclusions depending on the insurance provider and level of cover. The health insurance checker aims to simplify and make this information more transparent, by providing patients with indicative information about their coverage to support informed decision-making.

This is the first release of our health insurance checker and additional information and updates will be available in the coming weeks. Information about health insurance cover for our Day Hospitals in Cherrywood (South Dublin) and Northern Cross (North Dublin) will be added soon.

Check your insurance cover