30th March 2021

Mater Private Network Cork Awarded Gold Standard Accreditation From The Joint Commission

Location: Cork

Mater Private Network Cork has become the first private hospital in Ireland to be awarded the new 7th Edition Gold Standard from the Joint Commission International (JCI) for patient care and organisation management.


Mater Private Network Cork underwent a rigorous, virtual onsite review in March 2021 during which the a team of Joint Commission reviewers evaluated compliance with standards spanning several areas including emergency management, environment of care, infection prevention and control, leadership, medication management, and rights and responsibilities of the individual.


The Managing Director at Mater Private Network Cork, Martin Clancy, said: "Our mission is to provide excellent medical care to those who need it in compliance with the highest international standards for safety and quality of care. We are continuing to raise the bar for others to follow and our key aim is to provide GPs with swift and easy access to in-hospital care for their patients. Our increased operating and bed capacity can ensure that more patients will be looked after promptly, efficiently, and effectively by our team of top-class consultants, medical and nursing staff."


The Joint Commission's standards are developed in consultation with health care experts and providers, measurement experts and patients. They are informed by scientific literature and expert consensus to help health care organisations to measure, assess, and improve performance. The surveyors also conducted onsite observations and interviews.


The Chief Operating Officer, Accreditation and Certification Operations, and Chief Nursing Executive, the Joint Commission, Mark Pelletier, RN, MS, said: "As a private accreditor, The Joint Commission surveys health care organisations to protect the public by identifying deficiencies in care and working with those organisations to correct them as quickly and sustainably as possible. We commend Mater Private Network Cork for its continuous quality improvement efforts in patient safety and qualify of care."


There has been considerable investment in developing the medical campus at Citygate, Mahon and the recent arrival of more than 12 new consultants has ensured that Mater Private Network Cork is prepared to grow further this year.


The Emergency Department, located on the ground floor of the hospital, remained open throughout the recent Level 5 lockdown, while the private hospital worked with the HSE in providing extra capacity during the Covid-19 pandemic.


The Emergency Department is open from 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday and seeing patients on an appointment basis only to adhere to Covid-19 safety guidelines.


Another crucial access point, Urgent Cardiac Care, is a GP-referral service and is open daily from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.


Mater Private Network Cork is equipped with the very latest technology, private en-suite rooms and free parking for patients and visitors in designated areas.


For more information about the new consultants at Mater Private Network Cork and the full range of medical services provided across the Mater Private Network, visit www.materprivate.ie.