31st May 2024

Meet Beate Gillson - Bank Nurse

Please tell us about yourself and your nursing role.

I have worked at Mater Private Network as a bank nurse for the last 15 years.  

My responsibilities include meeting with patients, explaining procedures, providing written and verbal information, and advising on best practice during treatments up to the point of their discharge. I also review patients for radiotherapy induced toxicities, apply dressings, reserve bloods, coordinate, refer to support teams, chaperone and recommend treatments within my scope of practice.

Additionally, I liaise with all team members, organise prescriptions, and conduct follow-up calls with patients to ensure their wellbeing post-treatment. By performing these tasks and thoroughly documenting my activities, I aim to contribute positively to our team, enhance the efficiency of our services, and improve patient outcomes.

What motivated you to pursue a nursing career in Ireland?

In 2002, my children, my husband and I moved from Germany to Ireland due to my husband’s work commitments. 

I had previously trained as a nurse in East Germany and served as a nurse in the ‘Volksarmee’, the army, until the fall of the Berlin Wall. I gained a degree in ENT (Ear Nose Throat) and in Oncology Nursing and worked in Berlin at an Oncology specialised Hospital until our move to Ireland.

I started in Limerick at University Hospital Limerick in 2003, working in the Oncology in and out-patient departments and later in Radiation Oncology for Mater Private Network in Limerick.

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