Christmas time in the hospital: Brenda Kelleher, Clinical Nurse Manager

“Over the years, I’ve had a lot of memorable moments working in the hospital. Little things have really stuck with me. Christmas is a tough time for those patients who are in the hospital, especially for those who may be feeling quite unwell. It’s not nice to see anyone feeling down, but especially during this time of the year, so all staff make that extra effort to brighten their day. You can see how patients enjoy when we bring in Christmas hair bands and hair clips to put in their hair. It creates a more festive atmosphere and gives them the little extra mood boost that they may need, making them feel special over the festive period. In Mater Private, we always try our best to make their stay and experience as pleasant as we can.

I have to say the atmosphere around the hospital at Christmas time is lovely.  Although they are in hospital, it’s heart-warming to see the patients happy and jolly.

Every staff member is in a good form and it’s important for us to have smiles on our faces, because if you’re in a good mood and feeling happy then patients’ can also get their spirits are lifted too.

Compared to the rest of the year, at Christmas time there’s always a special atmosphere around the hospital. We do our best to create an environment where patients are comfortable and they can enjoy the Christmas spirit.

I think Christmas is a wonderful time of year around the hospital.”

- Brenda Kelleher, Clinical Nurse Manager - Camillus Ward, Mater Private Hospital.