Christmas time in the hospital: Rekha Jose, Clinical Nurse Manager

"Christmas is a wonderful time of the year around the hospital for many reasons. Some of my fondest memories from working here over Christmas cannot be defined by individual moments.  What is memorable for me is the love that is shared when the family of patients come to visit. It’s beautiful to see patients uplifted by the love of their family when they spend time together during this very special time of year.

During Christmas, staff have a little more time to spend with each individual patients. The team also has the chance to enjoy the company of colleagues over some festive refreshments.

Over the years, the atmosphere in the hospital around Christmas hasn’t changed much. It doesn’t matter how busy we are, it is still important to create a warm atmosphere to help patients feel more at ease. Even more so because it’s Christmas, we do our best to make the patients feel as comfortable as we can.

I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve spent working in the Mater Private hospital throughout Christmas. There is often a lovely atmosphere around the hospital. It’s always hard to see patients spending time in hospital, especially at Christmas, but it really highlights the love and bond between the patients and their families.

During the festive season, everybody is more united and there is a great sense of camaraderie around the hospital."

- Rekha Jose, Clinical Nurse Manager - St. Brigid's Ward, Mater Private Hospital.