Christmas time in the hospital: Josephine Bowe and Marie Rock, Catering Team

"Christmas around the hospital is always a magical time of year. There’s a sense of unity among staff and patients throughout the holidays. Some patients choose to go home and spend Christmas with their family if they’re feeling well enough. It’s great to see the excitement on their faces when they are heading off for the day. This allows us to spend a bit more time with the patients who are staying in the hospital for Christmas.

On the day, we’ve got time to have a chat with patients when we serve them their Christmas dinner and pudding.  After dinner, there’s mince pies and other Christmas treats available for patients to enjoy. It’s important for us that we go all out for patients while they’re spending Christmas in the hospital. If we can put a smile on someone’s face or brighten up their day in any way, then we’ll do what we can.

On Christmas Day, the atmosphere around the hospital is quite warm and homely. It’s heart-warming to see patients with a smile on their face and enjoying their day. Often, patients tell us how they really enjoyed their Christmas dinner, which gives us an extra boost too. Around Christmas time, everybody is in such good spirits and there’s a sense of harmony throughout the hospital."

Josephine Bowe and Marie Rock - Catering Team, Mater Private Hospital