Christmas time in the hospital: Stacey O'Sullivan, Ward Clerk

"Christmas season around the Mater Private Hospital is a wonderful time of year, a place where I have made countless memories.  The week before Christmas, we have a staff breakfast on our ward, which helps the team get into the festive spirit.

The atmosphere in the hospital during Christmas is warm and peaceful. For staff, shifts are usually slightly shorter, which gives us the opportunity to pay extra attention to patients and to go that little bit further for them. This can be done by offering them something from our restaurant or by simply checking if there is anything that they would like us to do for them. It’s something that can make their stay a little bit easier.

I really enjoy working in the hospital over Christmas. As it’s such a tough time of year to spend in hospital, we want to make each patient’s time with us is as pleasant as possible. It’s our job to make patients feel uplifted. Christmas is usually a time to be spent at home with family and loved ones, so it’s especially important to make patients as comfortable as possible.

It’s very different working in the hospital around Christmas time, compared to your normal day to day. For the staff on duty on Christmas Day, we do our best to go to the hospital restaurant together for a Christmas dinner. It’s a truly beautiful time of year, and everyone is always in such good spirits."

- Stacey O'Sullivan - St. Benedict's Ward, Mater Private Hospital.