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Terms and Conditions

The T&C's applied to this service ensure that each request is dealt with in the most appropriate way. Our Access to Care administration team will carefully take you through any of the T&C's relevant to your enquiry.

  1. Prices received for procedures are only guaranteed if:

·         They are received from the Access to Care Team contactable on 01 885 8856 or on email: ask@materprivate.ie

·         There is a Self Pay approval code received from the access to care Team.

·         The quote has been received in writing from the Access to Care Team.

  1. Quotes obtained from alternative sources to the Access to Care Team (such as directly from a Consultants Office, Day therapy, Finance Department) cannot be guaranteed as a fixed price quote by the Mater Private Hospital.
  2. Guaranteed fix price is offered to patients attending Consultants participating in the Self Pay, guaranteed fixed price scheme with the Mater Private Hospital.
  3. The price quoted is guaranteed for a limited period only – 3 months from the date the quote was issued. As this is a guaranteed fixed price we do not provide a breakdown of the costs. If you would like a full costs breakdown a non-guaranteed fixed price quote can be offered.
  4. The quote is valid once issued in writing from the Access to Care Team, personal details will be required to issue the quote.
  5. In order to issue a quote the procedure code must be confirmed by the participating Consultant.
  6. If procedure code is not available, guaranteed fixed price cannot be quoted.
  7. Readmissions and/or interventions arising directly from complications as a result of the procedure quoted for will be covered by the hospital for 28 days post procedure. Cover for dealing with complications will be confirmed by the Access to Care Team should a complication arise.
  8. Additional procedures, which may arise during surgery, as a direct cause of the quoted procedure will be covered by the guaranteed price.
  9. Hospital bed nights relating to the procedure will be covered by the quoted price up to 28 days post procedure.