Self Pay at the Mater Private

Access to health care & treatment, whether you have health insurance cover or not. Call us on 1800 80 42 22

Many patients who attend the Mater Private pay us directly for their care. Others top-up their health insurance cover, to ensure timely access to treatment. We have a wide range of treatments, diagnostics and procedures which we can give you a direct price for in both our Dublin and Cork hospitals.

Our experienced team have helped many patients’ access care and treatment, such as:

·         Breast Surgery (lumpectomy, mastectomy, reduction, augmentation)

·         Cancer related surgeries

·         Ear, Nose & Throat (tonsils, adenoids, grommets, sinus problems)

·         Endocrinology

·         Gastroenterology (scopes, gastroscopy, colonoscopy)

·         General/Colorectal (general surgery, bowel and GI  surgery)

·         Gynaecology (hysterectomy, fibroids, hysteroscopy)

·         Laser Eye Surgery

·         Ophthalmology (cataracts, retinal problems, glaucoma)

·         Orthopaedic (hip, knee, joint replacement, ACLs, arthroscopy)

·         Respiratory

·         Spine (disc surgery, spine surgery, fusions)

·         Urology (cystoscopy, prostatectomy, robotic prostatectomy, pelvic floor,                    incontinence)

·         Vascular (varicose veins, carotid endarterectomy, bypass, aneurysm repair)

·         Xray, MRI, CT scans





The process is simple, get in touch with our support team by phone on 1800 80 42 22 or simply email your enquiry to to start the process.

Our team will take the time to understand what your requirements are and how we can help you to access the cate or treatment you need. If you have some level health insurance, we can help you find out if there is a smaller payment whcih will bridge the gap in your health  cover.

A quote will be prepared for you once your needs are assessed and then, if you choose to go ahead our team can liaise with the Consultant or appropriate department to arrange your appointment.  Before we can do this you will need a referral letter for the Consultant, as normal.

We are here to help from start to finish to access your care.