The health and safety of our patients, visitors and staff remains a top priority at Mater Private Network. With this in mind, we have revised our policy for visitors to the hospital, in line with the latest COVID-19 guidelines.

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Emergency Department Pricing and Insurance cover

The initial consultation/attendance fee for the emergency department:

  • Dublin €250
  • Cork €150

Additional charges such as x-rays, scans, stitches, crutches, braces etc. may be incurred. The most common of these are listed below. Your total bill for the visit to the emergency department will be capped and will not exceed €600* in Dublin and €500* in Cork, combining the attendance fee and any additional charges.

Consultation/attendance fee€250€150
Foot Splint€90€65
Blood Tests / Lab€35-100 per test€45
General X-ray€90€90
Spinal Brace€185€125-225
Knee Brace€150€125
Ultrasound (abdomen)€170€150

Some insurance plans offer outpatient benefits, please check with your insurance provider if you can claim back on any of the above charges. 

*Please be advised, where a consultation with a specialist other than the Emergency Consultant is recommended and takes place whilst attending the Emergency Department, a separate consultation charge of €250 applies. This is not included in the €600 cap per bill. 

Tax Relief 

You can claim tax relief of up to 20% for any non-reimbursed charges relating to your visit on your Med 1 form. Please visit  for more information.

Inpatient Admission 

In the event of admission to Mater Private hospital directly from the emergency department, the level of cover will vary depending on your insurance policy and the treatment required. 

Prior to admission, your insurance will be verified and any cost and options will be discussed with you by our admissions staff. We will endeavour to ensure that you have the necessary information to make an informed decision relating to your care with us. 

As insurance cover varies between different plans, please have your insurance details to hand.  You may also call our insurance cover line on 01 885 8856 to verify your cover prior to your visit (Mon - Thursday 8am – 5pm and Friday 8am - 4.30pm). 

To secure payment, credit/debit card details will be needed but no payment will be taken until discharge. 

If you are a self-pay patient please be advised that you will be requested to pre-pay the nightly fee. A member of staff will discuss these costs with you prior to admission. 

Insurance Information 

Waiting period: this is the period of time imposed by your insurance company during which you may have limited or no cover.  The timeframe of the waiting period will depend on the type of waiting period applied to your policy.  

Shortfall is the difference between the full price and that which your insurer covers. It is the amount the policy holder is liable to pay. A shortfall is normally applied on a per night or per procedure basis. 

Policy excess is the amount of money that you pay towards your hospital bills before you can claim back from your insurer. This is a once-off payment that is normally applied on a per admission basis. 

We strongly recommend that you confirm this information with your insurance provider prior to attending in order to avoid any unexpected costs relating to your care.