Nourish: cookbook for patients with upper gastrointestinal cancers

Published Monday, March 5th, 2018 at 15:07 pm

  • Limerick

A recipe book produced especially for people going through cancer treatment -  particularly those with upper gastrointestinal cancers, was launched Monday 26th February 2018 at the Mater Private Mid-Western Radiation Oncology Centre, Limerick. The book was created by Niamh Gough, Senior Dietitian in the Mater Private, Limerick and Gillian Dawson, Derbhla O’Sullivan and Niamh Murphy, Dietitians in University Hospital Limerick and contains a vast array of nourishing and texture-modified recipes. The launch of this recipe book coincides with Lollipop Day, an awarenes day that took place last week, dedicated to raising public knowledge of Oesophageal cancer.

Mater Private Cookbook Nourish
Nourish Cookbook - Mater Private Hospital

Nourish, has been specifically designed for people going through cancer treatment and experiencing a sore mouth due to the cancer itself, the treatment or surgery related side effects. It is packed with texture-modified energy dense meals, snacks, desserts and nourishing drinks that are ideal “fuel” for those suffering from weight loss and a loss of appetite. It contains 351 nourishing and texture-modified recipe ideas.

Mater Private Cookbook Nourish

The book contains some recipes kindly donated by previous patients who have successfully completed their treatment as well as a number of recipes from well-known chefs and food bloggers; including Karen Coakley (, Clodagh McKenna, Nevin Maguire and Rozanna Purcell.

Every year in Ireland, 450 people are diagnosed with Oesophageal Cancer, a cancer caused when the lining of the oesophagus experiences abnormal cell growth. Oesophageal cancer can be treated if caught early, however 70% of patients who have oesophageal cancer symptoms wait more than three months before talking to their GP.

Patients can get a free copy of Nourish in Mater Private Limerick Radiation Oncology Centre or contact the unit directly on 061 425901. A limited number of copies are also available in the Mater Private Dublin.