Mater Private replaces all non-recyclable single-use cups with a new compostable cup and lid

Published Wednesday, August 1st, 2018 at 09:51 am

  • Dublin

We are delighted to announce the introduction of our fully compostable cups and lids now available at Mater Private Dublin Hospital restaurant from Friday 27th of July. This new initiative will help us to reduce the amount of non-compostable single use coffee cups in Ireland being dumped incorrectly. Every year, over 200 million non-compostable cups are either brought to landfills or incinerated in Ireland. 

Most single use takeaway cups are not recyclable or compostable. They are made up mainly of paper, however, they contain a plastic lining in the cup which does not break down and cannot be composted. As a result they cannot be recycled with paper/cardboard collections leading to the contamination of paper recycling loads.


As with any new initiative it is important to follow it through to the end, and for staff here at Mater Private to ensure that the disposing of the compostable cups is being handled in the correct manner.  To aid with the disposal, we have introduced a separate ‘compostable cups only’ bin located at the food waste area of the restaurant. Everyone is encouraged to use this system as these cups need to be placed in a compost bin in order to break down. 

Mater Private also sells reusable cups in our restaurant in an effort to reduce the number of single use cups.

This is an exciting step forward towards supporting the environment and we will continue to motivate everyone to take these initiatives on board.