Mater Private Launches Unique Pelvic Health Clinic

Published Monday, June 18th, 2018 at 10:43 am

  • Dublin

The Mater Private have announced the launch of a new Pelvic Health Clinic, providing a multidisciplinary service to diagnose, treat and manage pelvic floor conditions for both male and female patients.   

The newly established Pelvic Health Clinic will offer fast access to consultant appointments across urology, colorectal surgery, gynaecology and physiotherapy. The multidisciplinary team will work together to ensure pelvic floor conditions are diagnosed, treated and managed.

The most common pelvic health issues include bowel incontinence, urinary incontinence, constipation, pelvic organ prolapse and chronic pelvic pain.

Patients wishing to access the consultant-led service will require a referral from a GP in order to make an appointment. They can then phone or email the Mater Private Pelvic Health Clinic at 01 793 4694 or email: which will connect them to a dedicated member of staff on the Pelvic Health Clinic team to arrange their appointment. The service will be operational from 8.00am-8.00pm, Monday-Friday. The service is available to all patients, with or without private health insurance.

The Mater Private’s Pelvic Health Clinic is being launched in response to public demand for rapid access to leading pelvic floor specialist consultants.

Speaking about the introduction of the Pelvic Health Clinic, Caroline Whelan, Chief Operating Officer at the Mater Private, said “The topic of pelvic problems is often considered too embarrassing to talk about, with many patients choosing to sacrifice the quality if their life in order to avoid an uncomfortable conversation. The new clinic will offer a rounded approach for patients in order to treat and diagnose a range of pelvic issues which can often indicate gynaecological and urological issues. The clinic will be a one-stop-shop for patients, addressing the real cause and symptoms to provide the best clinical outcome. The clinic is consultant-led which means that patients will be referred to and assessed by leading consultant specialists across urology, colorectal surgery, gynaecology and physiotherapy. We are confident that this will be an excellent healthcare experience for patients and we look forward to welcoming them via our new Pelvic Health Clinic.”