'Jeans for Genes' Coffee morning to support Fighting Blindness.

Published Friday, September 21st, 2018 at 15:47 pm

  • Dublin

Mater Private Dublin hosted a coffee morning today as part of a nationwide fundraiser for Fighting Blindness.  To mark  this ‘Jeans for Genes’ event, there were a variety of sweet treats and tea/coffee to raise funds to find a cure and treatments for people living with genetic sight loss. Our fighting blindness research registrar Kirk, was there on the day to answer any questions that people had about the cause.

Fighting Blindness is an Irish patient-led charity organisation with the aim to cure, support and empower people affected by blindness. The charity collects donations to fund research into cures and treatments and provides support services for the 246,773 people in Ireland affected by blindness and vision impairment as well as their families. 

The donations raised today will go towards Target 5000- Gateway to Vision Project. Approximately 5000 people in Ireland have an inherited genetic retinal condition, Target 5000 aims to provide a genetic diagnosis to each of these people affected by a genetic retinal condition by 2020. 

This diagnosis will help to identify the gene responsible for the condition and provide numerous benefits for the patient. This will help target potential treatments and cures and enable people to take clinical trials. By gathering this information, we can collect a national registrar which will speed up the progress of possible proven treatments, and ensure availability.