International Diabetes Expert Attends Mater Private Cork Endocrinology GP Study Evening

Published Friday, April 26th, 2019 at 11:32 am

  • Cork

THERE is a diabetes crisis in the Cork/Kerry region with one of the highest incidences of Type 2 Diabetes in Europe, while there has also been an upsurge in late diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes, which requires insulin at diagnosis.

The knock-on effect has resulted in a huge demand on hospitals in terms of the risk for heart attack and stroke caused by these metabolic diseases.

Cortisol is a key hormone involved in the genesis of obesity/insulin resistance and glucose regulation. Considering the startling statistics, Dr Michael O’Reilly, an international expert on cortisol metabolism, made a keynote presentation to General Practitioners at a Study Event hosted by Mater Private Hospital Cork.

Dr James Ryan, the GP Study Evening Host and Consultant Endocinologist at Mater Private Cork, said: “We were fortunate to have a Galway-native colleague and friend of mine, Dr Mick O’Reilly, over from the University of Birmingham to give us a keynote update on cortisol metabolism and to further our ethic of education and research in endocrinology. The Endocrine Service in Mater Private Cork serves a large catchment area across Munster, helping to continue delivering gold standard care to all our patients.”


Mater Private Cork - GP Evening Event

Dr Ryan’s colleagues from Mater Private Cork, Mr Tahir Khan and Dr Barry Hennigan also met with their GP colleagues in the academic setting at Citygate, Mahon.

Mr Khan, a Consultant General and Vascular Surgeon, is a specialist in Minimally Invasive Endocrine Surgery, while Dr Barry Hennigan, a Consultant Cardiologist, outlined the basics of Coronary Physiology, key trials and recent developments in the field of Perfusion MRI.

Mater Private Hospital Cork offers a comprehensive range of services to patients living with or newly diagnosed with Diabetes.

“We believe that the key to managing diabetes is with patient participation, education and empowerment and our services are based on the principal of comprehensive care in one setting, coordinated by one team,” added Dr James Ryan.

The Endocrinology Team at Mater Private Cork works with each patient individually to develop a personalised Diabetes Care Plan.

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