First Ever Synchronous Robotic Liver And Lung Resection Performed In Mater Private Hospital

Published Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 at 09:43 am

  • Dublin

The Mater Private Hospital in Dublin performed the first ever robotic assisted liver and lung resection for colorectal metastases in Europe last week. Metastatic cancer is cancer that has spread to other parts of the body, when colon or rectal cancer spreads, it most often spreads to the liver and in this case, had also spread to the lungs.

The robotic surgery, which took a total of 4 hours, was performed by Mr John Conneely, Consultant General Surgeon specialising in Minimally-Invasive surgeries alongside Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon Ms Donna Eaton and Consultant Colorectal Surgeon Mr Jürgen Mulsow.

The patient, a male in his early 40’s, had been diagnosed with colorectal cancer last year and underwent the innovative surgery in order to remove cancerous tissue that had spread to his lungs and liver. Typically, liver and lung resections would be performed separately, however, the specialist team in the Mater Private came together in order to complete a single surgery for the patient in order to improve recovery time and reduce post-procedure pain.  

The Mater Private Hospital has performed the highest number of robotic assisted surgeries in Ireland with over 2,200 surgeries completed to date since the hospital invested €2 million in a da Vinci robot over seven years ago. Robotic assisted surgery has been deployed in a broad range of specialties using the high spec da Vinci robot to perform less invasive and more precise kidney, lung, colorectal, prostate and gynaecological surgeries that are leading to higher standards of care and faster recovery times for patients.

Speaking about the first ever liver and lung resection for colorectal metastasis in Europe last week, Dr Caroline Whelan, Chief Operations Officer of the Mater Private Group said, “The da Vinci robot has helped us perform a number of medical ‘firsts’ over the last few years and we are delighted to have been able to carry out Ireland’s first ever robotic assisted liver and lung resection for colorectal metastasis last week. The robotic system afforded surgeons Mr Conneely, Ms Eaton and Mr Mulsow incredible precision while also maintaining the most minimally invasive type of surgery available and the result is that our patient is recovering well from a single surgery which means less time in hospital, less scarring and a quicker recovery, which ultimately improves clinical outcomes.