Dublin Canvas Artist designs a heart on Eccles Street

Published Thursday, August 10th, 2017 at 15:58 pm

  • Dublin

Dublin Canvas is a community art project run by Dublin City Council that aims to bring flashes of colour and creativity to everyday objects in the city. Traffic light control boxes which are dotted around the city are the main platform used to showcase this artwork. Previously designed to go unnoticed, these boxes are now transforming Dublin City and its surrounding areas into a walking gallery of moving art.

Last month Oleg Brazhynk, just one of a large number of artists brightening up the city with their creativity, painted the traffic light control box outside the Mater Private on Eccles Street. Having learned that the building behind this box was a hospital, renowned for heart surgery, Oleg submitted his idea to Dublin City Council and subsequently got selected.

While painting his design, Oleg explained that the network behind the heart which represents the blood vessels is also in fact a map of the area.