COVID-19 Screening and Testing Procedures

Published Tuesday, July 7th, 2020 at 12:45 pm

Over the last number of months, the Mater Private Healthcare Group has introduced a series of additional quality, safety, and risk management measures to protect patients and staff as part of the response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

To implement these new and necessary measures, a series of initiatives have been introduced.  These include the reconfiguration of our facilities and the introduction of a robust COVID-19 Screening and Testing Services. 

Arising from these unprecedented, but necessary, quality and safety measures, the Mater Private has engaged with the Health Insurance providers regarding coverage of these unforeseen operating costs in order to avoid any unnecessary expense to patients.   Unfortunately, at this point, this position has not yet been confirmed by some of the Health Insurers and as a result a COVID-19 surcharge will apply for some patient appointments.   While this is regrettable, please be assured that where an insurer subsequently provides coverage, this amount will be reimbursed to patients in full immediately.

We appreciate that the cost will vary across the hospital sector depending on the complexity of care across the system. To that end we continue to engage with insurers to actively advocate on behalf of patients.

The chargeable rate will be €275 for an inpatient/day case procedure and €75 for diagnostics outpatient tests. It is important to note that the Mater Private Healthcare Group Hospitals incur no profit  and that these fees are charged on an individual basis, and not an attendance basis; therefore, no patient will be charged more than once for these procedures during a cycle of care.

The safety and the quality of our services remain a priority at the Mater Private Healthcare Group and we are focused on continuing to deliver them with the best interest of our patients and staff in mind.

Any queries related to the Screening and Testing Procedures outlined above should be directed to the relevant Department within the Hospital. Queries regarding reimbursement should be directed to your Health Insurance Provider.